Best Rental space in Singapore

The demand for the warehouse rent is increasing and with the new industries developing, there is a high rise for space in Office Rental In Singapore. Keeping this in mind, there have been many laws issued by the government where a certain percentage of area can be used for warehouse and office.

Under the 60:40 rule of the URA, 60% of the total space has been allocated for warehouse rental space and the remaining 40% can be used for raising the office building, cafeteria or any other communal halls as the per the need of the situation.

Keeping in mind the development of the industrial area, in the recent days, the government of Singapore has banned the use of this industrial space by the tuition agencies, travel agencies, churches and even beauty salon, which avails this space at a fair minimum price.

Image - 01

However, due to lack of space, another circulation was published in 2012 stating the use of this industrial unit for various religious functions. The ultimate aim of utilizing this space for industrial use makes these rental agreements, for various functions, a tough affair.

The rent of the ware house is comparatively cheaper than the commercial office spaces. While many corporate business prefers a free space where the office structure can be built up, including the necessary space for  Self Storage of certain valuable products, the construction and the related investments makes it a bad deal for certain other business approaches.

Warehouse for rent has thus become a flourishing business helping with the development of economy of the country. Anyway, to get a fitted unit which comes with a fee structure, there you can save the renovation cost just by paying few bucks. Keep in mind that the amount is higher if you are interested to avail rent for the ground floor units.



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