Co-Working And Self-Storage Commercial Spaces Are Rising In Singapore

Singapore is a fast growing business hub and attractive for Small industry and local startups to kickstart and expand their careers. According to a global survey, Singapore is among top 10 startup ecosystems of the world. Rent Virtual Offices Singapore  Beside this, there is another fact of hiking of the rentals which is creating trouble to find affordable rental storage/office premises while maintaining their professional image. As a result, alternative solutions like rent virtual offices Singapore, coworking, warehouse rental Singapore and self storage are gaining popularity.

Virtual Offices

What is that? – It is not just a office in physical terms but a virtual one where a payment is done to get prestigious address which creates right corporate image for the business. A nice address can allure customers due to many reasons. Getting rent virtual offices Singapore is not easy because of the high demand. Being a hub of high offshore banking and registration, it is the fix choice of many international companies that target Asia, especially the far east part.

Advantages – Beneficial for impressive business address, multilingual professional telephone replying service, dedicated assistants, getting high quality meeting facilities, email notification and delivery service, instant networking, unlimited access of lounge with free WiFi (for virtual office and international clients only), one invoice for more locations.

Warehouse Rental And Self Storage Industrial Spaces

 The demand of self-storage spaces are burgeoning in reply to increasing e-commerce trade, shrinking living spaces, hiking consumerism and high rentals of industrial sets. Self storage offers not just leasing enclosed and flexible shapes and sized rooms for short and long terms, the operator provides security and24 hour access to tenants with biometric fingerprint sensors.

EBC -1

Some operators offer climate-controlled storage option with air conditioned system to store delicate products like wines. The Wine Merchant Self Storage facility is emerging as a separate or integrated facility, combined with warehouse rental Singapore. Wine dealers prefer self storage due to quality arrangement, security, flexible contracts and spaces, and transparent payment structure. It ranges from S$ 60-500 per month, depending upon degree of climate control feature, unit size and location.

Flexible features with hassle free maintenance and creating own business community are some of the points where rent virtual offices and warehouse with self storage options are booming.



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