Considering The Wine Collector Self-Storage With Virtual Offices For Storage Needs

If you are looking for an important place to consider for storing the huge bottle of wines with the proper place, then we can help you in finding the appropriate services for both of your vintage as well as merchant wine collections. You can store your excess stock with us by taking the important services of Wine Collector Self-Storage Singapore. We can deliver you the shelving & stringently climate controlled area for your important/priced collection of wines. We can also provide you with a clubhouse so that you can showcase your collection to your friends or closed ones.

The Merchant Storage

With a great place to store wine merchants can take our important services without any kind of trouble to their valuables. We provide temperature controlled & humidity controlled environment for the cellar units.

Quick Solution For Your Party

If you are planning for the great party for your friends or closed ones, then we can make all the arrangements for you with your prime collection of vintage wines.

Important Features Of Self-Storage Singapore

  • Your vault will be secured with the individual pin codes & surveillance cameras.
  • An additional level of security with individual padlocks for the each unit.
  • 24 hours accessibility to the storage space
  • Personal security guards all round the clock
  • Good parking spaces
  • Free usage of trolleys & ladders
  • The complimentary insurance in case of fire & theft

selfstorage-banner21.jpg       Other  Important Features

  • Secured privately owned access cards for our guests with 24 hours accessibility.
  • For guest, reception clubhouses
  • Amazing facilities for printing, scanning & photocopying contents
  • Important housekeeping services from Monday to Friday
  • Free local newspapers & important magazines

Virtual Office

The virtual offices at our space are designed especially for addressing certain business-centric activities. Here you will find an address for the registration of the company Warehouse Rental along with the alerts for email, parcel at our reception. We can deliver you the business-centric services at affordable house rates with rent virtual offices Singapore. Apart from that, you can have a dedicated phone number with the services like call forwarding, call waiting, calling alerts, etc. Special tenant rates are available for upgrading your existing services to fitted office space. You can also rent virtual offices as per your need & concern.

Virtual Offices For Your Business Support Services

  • Daily delivery of emails to your office daily
  • The complimentary use of meeting rooms up to 4 hours per month
  • Clubhouse for guest reception
  • Deposit of your Cheques
  • Facilities like printing, photocopying & Scanning
  • The housekeeping services on complimentary basis



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