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Chilled self-storage and climate controlled self-storage services

Self storage is also called mini storage is or self service storage are basically the storage units which is rented on the short term basis and rented to the individuals as well as the business. The self storage services are provided by the various self storage services and Chilled self-storage services provides the best services for various self storages services like climate controlled self-storage and other services.


Best services for moving and packing

Shifting home or office from one place to another is one of the typical tasks and when you need such services for moving your stuffs to another place then climate controlled self-storage services provides safe services with secure delivery and conveyance of your furniture and other stuffs. They are available for 24 hours 7 days and you can call them anytime for transferring your office of home.

Warehouse services for inventory storage

When you are any businessman and have large stock of any item then Chilled self-storage provides warehousing services for storage your inventory. They have warehouse of space of more than 2000 square ft. and you can visit any of them by contacting them. These warehouses are small as well as big on space and every type of product is stored here.

Climate controlled self storage services

Climate has great impact on the stuffs and especially when you need to store your item for long and these warehouses are resistible against various climatic conditions and your items are being safe from any climatic conditions. Apart from that, the climate controlled self storage services provide furnishings and fittings services such as:-

  • Executive chairs and tables
  • Digital telephone set
  • Wall to wall carpeting
  • Internet connection points for 2 or more than two ports
  • Blinds and curtains for doors and windows units.
  • Broadband internet services

And many others.


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